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Doorway Phonic Materials in web page format - Level A2

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Task01 can, put, bath, wet, ship, lots, fish, shop, red, pen, yellow, socks, pink, ball. 
Task02 can, shut, shed, sad, dog, lot, books, big, rocks, fish, chips, egg, ham.
Task03 keep, bed, pet, cat, tin, cans, too, box, need, lots, cash, old, dish hoop.
Task04 suck, rock, carrot, pan, drop, chips, fish, egg, lemon, peel.
Task05 cook, bag, socks, pan, chips, chop, foot, bus, jeep.
Task06 bash, tin, can, shell, nut, dash, shops, hill, ship.
Task07 roll, ball, hill, well, path, feed, dog, pet, cat, look.
Task08 vet, look, dog, kill, rats, keep, bees, fall, wall, egg, tall, man, doll.
Task09 sell, shop, box, six, eggs, rocks, weeds, chicks, keep, bucket, feet, moon, shells.
Task10 bus, cook, tall, man, vet, keep, cool, pool, roof, shed.
Task11 see, shop, lot, doll, rocket, mad, dog, lot, rats, bad, cook.
Task12 roof, bath, door, chess, set, van, six, men, ten, ducks, big, rock,
Task13 lock, shed, cash, box, tool, box, push, bus, van, pig.
Task14 sick, pet, vet, man, bus, put, sack, lot, muck, boots, books.
put, ruck, sack, box, tacks, lot, socks, kip, wish, week, moon, day, zoo, week, off, bed.
Task16 huff, puff, dog, lass, man, fall, wall, ball, bell, moon.
Task17 meet, man, dog, lass, pig, good, food, pot, jam, chop, chips.
Task18 hot, tot, cot, lots, dogs, top, bus, tan, sit, sun, room, jog.
Task19 put, mat, pot, jam, hot, dog, lot, mugs, odd, pig, wig, cat, hat, bat, cap.
Task20 mess, tool, ball, wool, fish, shop, keep, cat, bed, box, hot, room.
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