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Doorway Talking Computer Materials; in web page format - Level B1

Press [Ctrl] + [A] to select all the text, Press [Ctrl] + [C] to copy the text to the clipboard
Open a blank document in your talking word processor
Press [Ctrl] + [V] to paste the text into the document.

Task01 farm, yard, smart, star, card - party, card, parcel, jar, jam, carpet.
Task02 sparks, harm, car, park, barn, farm, alarm - germs, perm, fern, kerb, herd.
Task03 sports, torn, shorts, worn, cords, anorak, cork - dirty, shirt, birds, girl, skirt, firm.
hurt, burn, fur, surf, turns, burglar, church - nurse, curse, purple, purse, turtle.
stage, pages, wages, rage, cage - hate, plate, gate, late, crate.
Task06 shame, game, flames, lame, tame - cave, brave, grave, waves.
Task07 bake, cake, rake, flake, snake - sale, pale, ale, whale, stale, scales.
make, quake, flake, snake, cake, rake - escape, grapes, tapes, cape.
Task09 beach, shade, spade, made, fade, trade, wade - race, space, face, lace, place.
Task10 escape, date, rage, gate - dine, fine, divine, nine.
hide, tide, slide, inside - rice, spices, nice, slice, dice, twice, price.
prize, size, maze, lazed - jive, five, live, hive, drive.
Task13 polite, white, invite, recite, bite - crime, slime, grime, time.
Task14 slide, side, wide, inside - hired, tired, fired, entire, wire, spire. 
bone, stone, phone, crone - stoke, smokes, joke, poke.
Task16 joke, broke, spoke, woke, choked - huge, flumes, dunes, flutes, tunes.
Task17 duke, tunes, flute, prunes, huge, june, cubes - nose, hose, those, rose.
hope, rope, slide, slope, cope - game, safe, cave, spade, make, fake, jade, trade.
game, name, tame, same, blame - scream, scratch, scrape, scrap, scrum, scrubbing.
strum, stroll, street, strim, strip - thrill, throw, throne, thrush.

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