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Bordertalk in web page format - Level B2

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Task01 holiday, play, clay, stray, stay - rainy, train, drains, brain, chain.
Task02 wasted, tasted, paste, pasted, haste - fail, snail, tail, sail, nail. 
Task03 draw, jigsaw straw, claws, paws - crawl, lawn, yawn, draw, jigsaw.
Task04 prawns, dawn, spawn, sawn, lawn - groan, moaning, coal, goal, foal, loaf.
float, oats, goats, coat, boat, moat, stoat, coach - boast, coast, roasting, toasting.
Task06 gloating, floating, throat, goat, coat - borrow, pillow, snow, arrow, window.
Task07 sound, hounds, pounding, ground, round, mound, - scoured, sour, hour, flour.
loud, cloud, shout, trout, clout - clown, frown, crowd, town, brown, crown.
Task09 flowers, shower, howls, growls, towels, crowds - scooter, balloon, snooker, football. 
value, fuel, blue, true, glue - brew, chew, new, jewel, flew.
fright, bright, light, night, flight, fight, knight, high - fry, cry, dry, try.
Task12 sleepy, toffee, sixteen, coffee, speedy, steep - eat, meat, treat, heated, seat.
reach, bleach, peach, teacher's, beach - runny, sunny, funny, bunny.
Task14 monkey, donkey, jersey, hockey - dream, jeans, cream, teams, stream.
eat, cheap, heaps, beans, leap, clean, meals, eating - sneezing, freezing, wheezing, squeezing.
Task16  street, reel, peel, sheet, steel, wheel - spoil, oil, soil, noisy, coins.
Task17  annoy, destroy, enjoy, boys - pitch, ditch, witch, wizard's.
Task18  cattle, bottle, little, nettles, kettle - stitching, catching, ditch, hutch.
 lunch, bunch, munched, punch, crunched - postage, sausage, garage, voyage.
Task20  refuse, fuse, defuse, amuse, use, disused - decorates, plates, crates, grates.

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