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Bordertalk in web page format - Level C1

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Task01 hissed, kissed, missed, dressed passed, crossed - asked, risked, basked, masked, busked.
moaned, groaned, loaned - cried, fried, dried, lied, spied.
Task03 walked, sulked, milked, talked, chalked - dumped, jumped, thumped, bumped.
Task04 shocked, blocked, rocked, knocked - dropped, stopped, flopped, mopped.
tapped, wrapped, trapped, slapped - cooked, booked, looked, hooked.
Task06 ripped, dripped, clipped, slipped - wept, crept, swept, kept.
Task07 worried, studied, married, copied, carried - caught, taught, daughter, slaughter.
brought, fought, noughts, thought - squabble, squash, squad, squint, squalor, square.
Task09 spiteful, careful, hateful, beautiful - knit, knee, knob, knots.
Stephen, orphan, nephew, dolphins, elephant - thumb, lamb, bomb, limb, plumber, crumbs.
wrong, wren, writing, wrapped, wrinkles - city, cider, circles, circuit, centre, bracelet.
Task12 orchestra, chemist, mechanic, choir - castle, thistle, whistle, wrestler, hustle, bustle.
damage, cottage, passage, cabbage, rummage, garage, village - hedgehog, dodge, bridge, hedge, ledge, porridge.
Task14 arrange, change, angel, stranger, danger - rough, cough, trough, laughed, enough.
steeple, poodle, eagle, table, cable - hobble, rubble, bubble, wobbles, nibbles.
Task16 muddle, fiddle, saddle, paddle, puddle, -  struggles, puzzle, juggles, dazzles, gobbles.
sizzle, fizzles, dazzles, puzzle - topple, grapple, apple, ripple.
mirror, horror, doctor, sailor, tailor - cancel, angel, chapel, camel, tinsel, towels
novel, hotel, kennel, panel, hovel - spoken, broken, woken, tokens.
fountain, mountain, curtains, bargain, certain - sympathy, system, syrup, sycamore, symbol.

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