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Bordertalk in web page format - Level C2

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Task01 marrow, barrow, parrot, carrot, curry, hurry, horror, mirror - lazy, baby, lady, wavy, scaly, shady, navy.
lottery, mystery, pottery, battery, archery, rubbery - strange, plunge, gunge, sponge, binge, oranges, whinge, range, fringe.
Task03 prince, wince, mince, since, convince, province - trance, dance, entrance, chance, romance, ambulance.
Task04 summer, drummer, swimmer, slimmer, strummer, strimmer - magic, public, picnic, tarmac, tropics, panic, traffic.
liking, riding, gliding, hiking, hiding, biking - future, nature, pictures, dentures, adventures, furniture.
Task06 station, information, decorations, nation - intention, detention, attention, mention, invention.
Task07 ambition, competition, expedition, addition, position - social, official, financial, special.
royal, pedal, metal, loyal, rascal - dollar, cheddar, vinegar, calendar.
Task09 actor, sailor, janitor, author, tutor - pupil, April, fossils, stencil, daffodils, gerbil.
carols, petrol, parasol  - silence, patience, sequence, science.
miserable, bendable, durable, drinkable - elephant, pleasant, hesitant, brilliant.
Task12 present, talented, student, rodent, cement, serpent, recent - hair, stairs, pairs, repair.
badge, lodge, fridge, badgers - blown, flown, grown, shown.
Task14 dead, bread, thread, lead - nectarines, tangerines, machines, vaccines.
fetching, catching, switching, stitching, snatching, sketching - nibbling, pebbles, gobbling, wobbling, bubbling.
Task16 slippers, kippers, tripper, skipper - muddy, skiddy, giddy, teddy, shoddy.
chattered, splattered, scattered, cluttered - tangle, bangle, fangled, strangles, angles.
simple,  trample, sample, rumple, crumple - follow, fellow, hollow, shallow.
dripping, ripping, stripping, zipping, tripping - flapping, wrapping, trapping, zapping.
Task20 rabbits, pebbles, shrubbery, cabbage - famous, nervous, jealous, generous, anxious, curious.

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