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Talking Tasks

Talking Tasks - What are they
The Expected Learning Outcomes
The Tasks

Talking Tasks - What are they?

Talking Tasks is a series of tasks in Textease or Clicker 4 format. They are in form of questions for pupils to read and answer. All the words required for an answer are on the screen. The pupil has to;

  1. Read the question clicking on any word he may need help with, to make Textease/Clicker 4 say it.
  2. Read all the possible answers, again using the click on a word to speak facility
  3. Decide on an answer taken from the alternatives
  4. Formulate an answer - saying it to an adult
  5. Make the computer say the answer, by clicking on the words in the right order
  6. Type in the answer - as a sentence with correct use of capital letter and full stop.
  7. Complete the second exercise in the same way
  8. Print the page out
  9. Make sure he/she can read the page
  10. Read it to an adult. Preferably more

The expected learning outcomes

It is expected that pupils will;

  • learn to formulate and write sentences
  • become more fluent readers
  • develop good ICT skills

The Tasks

Set 1 in  Textease  Copy from Webpage
Set 2  in  Textease  Copy from Webpage
Set 3   in  Textease     Copy from Webpage
Set 4 in  Textease   Copy from Webpage
Set 5    in  Textease  Copy from Webpage