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Talking Tasks in Webpage format - Set 1
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The Tasks

task01.htm What do you put on your bread?
task02.htm What do people keep in a shed?
task03.htm What do you like to do on Saturday?
task04.htm What would you like to do on your birthday?
task05.htm In the summer what do you like to wear?
task06.htm What do you like to do at school?
task07.htm Where do you live?
task08.htm How do you feel when you are ill?
task09.htm What fruit do you like?
task10.htm What do you dream about?
task11.htm What do you pack to go on holiday?
task12.htm What do you like best in the garden?
task13.htm What do you have to do at home?
task14.htm What is the best pet to have?
task15.htm What can go wrong at home?