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Talking Tasks in Webpage format - Set 2
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The Tasks

task01.htm What should you keep away from a baby?
task02.htm What can you give a cat to play with?
task03.htm What is it best to wear in Winter?
task04.htm What is a good game for the beach?
task05.htm Where is a good place for a kitten to sleep?
task06.htm Where should you keep food in the Summer?
task07.htm What should you keep a toddler away from?
task08.htm Where can you keep gold fish?
task09.htm Where would you keep a lot of money?
task10.htm What do you do before going to bed?
task11.htm What do you need to look after a bike?
task12.htm How should you look after a rabbit?
task13.htm What should you do when you leave the house for a holiday?
task14.htm What should you do if the bath water is too hot?
task15.htm What is the best present you could wish for?