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Talking Tasks in Webpage format - Set 3
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The Tasks

task01.htm What do you need for a winning team?
task02.htm What should you use to clean your bike?
task03.htm What do you need for a super holiday?
task04.htm What should you keep in the fridge?
task05.htm What should you stop the cat doing?
task06.htm What is the best food to give a dog?
task07.htm What is the best present for grandad?
task08.htm What is the sign of a good farmer?
task09.htm Where is the best place to keep your money?
task10.htm Where should you throw your rubbish?
task11.htm What is the best way to keep cool?
task12.htm Where do you go when you need petrol?
task13.htm What does a dog like to do?
task14.htm where is a good place to build a house?
task15.htm what do you do when you arrive home from school?