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Talking Tasks in Webpage format - Set 4
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The Tasks

task01.htm What would you find very difficult?
task02.htm Where can you find a telephone
task03.htm What are the worst things to eat?
task04.htm Where would you like to stay on holiday?
task05.htm Where can you buy bulbs?
task06.htm What can you burn on a fire?
task07.htm Where can you keep a fish?
task08.htm Where do you go when you need to fill up with petrol?
task09.htm What is your favourite fruit?
task10.htm Where can you borrow a book from?
task11.htm What are the ingredients for making bread?
task12.htm Where do people go to vote?
task13.htm What do you use to speak to friends a long way off?
task14.htm Where is a good place to ride a bike?
task15.htm What do you see on the way to school?